IT Services for New Employees

Faculty BrochureThere are many information technology services that new employees receive and use.

This guide provides an overview of the services available and how to access them.

view the downloadable PDF of the Faculty & Staff Guide to Technology. It gives an overview of important information for all faculty and staff.

Account Information

Initial ID Lookup

ID and Password Help

MyFSU and Blackboard (FerrisConnect) both use the same password. Here is a video demonstrating how to reset that password. This website has instructions on resetting your password.

Getting Help

TAC is your first point of contact for all IT-related services and questions.

Maintenance Nights are scheduled the first Thursday of every month from 10:00PM - 6:00AM.

Wireless Networks

The Ferris State University wireless network is accessible for all faculty, staff, administration, and students. It is available in most buildings.

For a quick reference on the wireless networks, view the Main Campus Wireless Networks Guide.

Wireless Network Overview

Registering your laptop to use FerrisWiFi


Office 365 (Click for more information) 

Office 365 is the campus-standard email client at Ferris State University. It is a collaboration suite that contains tools that allows you to connect, organize and work efficiently.

Web version

This is the web version of the Office 365 client.


Password Tips PDF link

Strong passwords are essential to keeping your data private. Here are some tips for creating strong passwords.

Media Device Encryption (MDE)PDF

This software is installed to select Ferris State University owned laptops. This helps ensure security on your portable devices.

Fixed Disk Encryption (FDE)PDF

This software is installed on select FSU owned laptops. This helps ensure security on the hard drive of the laptop.

Securing Your Workstation

Here are some tips on how to keep your workstation secure when you are away from your desk.


Blackboard (FerrisConnect) Help

Faculty Center

Look for more online training in MyFSU-Help tab.

Or you may find general information at the Staff Center for Training & Development.


University Policies

ITS Business Policies

Computer Support Services


Want to buy software for your home computer? Free software is available on the Home CD link in MyFSU (Workplace Tab - Computer Network Services). Microsoft Office products are available via the online store.

Need a home computer? Visit Dell Online Store or Used Equipment Store.

Technology Purchase Process - This can be found in the Login Links channel within MyFSU. Login in to MyFSU.

Network File Storage Solutions

Active Directory is a service Ferris uses that allows you to securely store and organize your files and information. It is more secure than storing something online, so it is far safer to save something on Active Directory than online. Active Directory is also what you go through when you log in to any university-owned computer, which allows you to access the files yu have saved on Active Directory once you log into it.

Active Directory Overview

Active Directory FAQ's

Telephone Services

Voicemail Setup

Instructions for setting up your new voicemail and how to access it from off campus.

Ringtones and Wallpaper for your cell phone - all with a Ferris theme.

Cell Phones are available for certain employees. Or, you can get your personal cell phone linked up to Office 365 for no additional fee.