Microsoft Word Spell Check Options
The Options of Microsoft Word spell check can be changed to better fit the user’s preferences. Through these options, the spell checker will check for certain things or ignore others. If you have any questions, call the TAC at (231) 591-4822.


Directions for Changing Spell Check Options in Word

After opening Microsoft Word:


1. Go to Tools and down to Options.


2. Click on the Spelling & Grammar tab.


1. These options allow the user to choose which words to check for spelling and which to ignore. The Dictionary can also be changed to the user’s choice by clicking on Custom Dictionaries.

2. These options allow for the user to change settings involving grammar.

3. This option allows the user to check only grammar, or grammar and style such as passive sentences.

3. More settings can be found by clicking on Settings.


4. These settings allow the user to choose what the grammar checks for.


5. Once all the settings are set to the user’s preference, click OK on the Grammar Settings window and on the Options window.



Last modified: 12/07/2010