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There are two types of announcements in FerrisConnect. The first is Course or Organization Announcements and the second one is System Announcements. Please see the description below for each, along with screen shots of what they look like and where to find them.

Course or Organization Announcements

The Course or Organization Announcements can be viewed on the My Blackboard page in the My Announcements Module. Anytime a new announcement has been made for any course that you are enrolled in, you will be able to view those announcements in this location. Please see the screen shot below for more details.

Course Announcement Image
Course Announcement example on the My Blackboard page in the My Announcements Module.

System Announcements

System Announcements are used to notify all users of the FerrisConnect system with important updates and/or information regarding known or planned outages that will take place. Please keep in mind that the current FerrisConnect system is in a Managed Hosted environment that is not located on-site at Ferris State University. When we receive notification that FerrisConnect will be taking down the site at a designated time for maintenance, we will post that information as soon as possible. Please understand that in most cases we do not have control of when the site will go down for maintenance.

The System Announcements can be seen in two different locations. The first place would be at the bottom of the Login Screen. Most Students will not see this though, as you will login to the system using the Learn icon in MyFSU, which will automatically log you into the system. The second place you can view the System Announcements is in the My Announcements Module on the My Blackboard page. Please see the two screen shots below for examples of where to locate both types of announcements.

System Announcement on Login Page Image
System Announcement section on login page highlighted in Green for display purposes only.

System Announcement in My Announcements Module Image
System Announcement located in My Announcements Module.