Tegrity Summer 2013 Update

There will be an update to the Ferris State University Tegrity system scheduled for August 11, 2013. The update will occur between 2:00am and 6:00am ET, and will result in approximately 20 minutes of service interruption. The update occurs seamlessly with no impact on our institutional-specific configuration. The Summer 2013 Update includes updates to both the Mac and Windows PC Recorders. The recorders will automatically update themselves after your institution's service is updated.

To learn more about the new Tegrity enhancements in the Summer 2013 Update, please use one of the two links below to register for Info Webinars from the Development & Services Teams.

 Password Required: The password to register is "tegrity" (no quotations).

McGraw-Hill Education Tegrity is excited to announce the Tegrity Campus Summer 2013 Update. Tegrity introduces two major service updates each year; and each reflects Tegrity’s commitment to listening to the needs of our customers, as well as furthering our goal of continued innovation aimed at improving student achievement.

The Tegrity Summer 2013 Update adds the following new features and capabilities:

A New Web User Interface!

For Summer 2013, Tegrity will have an updated user interface.

  • The new design will be simple and contemporary.  Our goal is to also provide familiarity and continuity for our users.
  • Tegrity will have updated help documentation to reflect the new design.
  • The new user interface will allow Tegrity to innovate and more easily incorporate new feature and services.


Upload Recordings to YouTube

If enabled by the administrator, the instructor will have a new publishing option to supply their own YouTube (Google) credentials for uploading the screen-portion of a Tegrity recording. This is an admin controlled feature just like any of the delivery options available in Tegrity.

Twitter Course Notifications

Tegrity is re-introducing its popular Twitter notifications. Now the Twitter notifications will use the Instructor’s own specified Twitter account.

New Editor UI

The edit recordings functionality is undergoing several changes to make the editing experience easier and more powerful.

Copy/Move Additional Content

Now instructors will be able to use the actions menu to move or copy the additional documents, media files, and links along with their Tegrity Recording.

New Sharing Options for Instructors

Tegrity now makes it easier to share class links with several more options to help the instructor communicate the links to students.  From the get class link feature, the instructor can choose options like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr to communicate the link.

New Supported Caption Formats

Several new standardized captioning formats will be supported for closed captioning. This will allow Tegrity users to choose from a larger variety of tools and providers.  The newly supported caption formats include:

  • SRT - The most common subtitle/caption file format.
  • SBV - Very similar to SRT.
  • DFXP - Commonly used for captioning Flash video. Developed by W3C.
  • QT - Caption format used for QuickTime video or audio. Developed by Apple.


Remove Closed Captions

An option is now available for removing closed captions from a recording. This will allow for easier external editing and replacement of existing captions.

Recording Transcript

Tegrity users can now view, print, and download transcripts from Tegrity recordings where captioning has been provided.

Maximum Recording Time Setting

A new admin setting allows to define a maximum length for Tegrity recordings.  No more worries about the occasions where someone forgets to turn off the recording feature for several days.

New Print Layouts

Tegrity will now support more optimized printer layouts for better facilitation of note taking and efficient use of paper.

Helpdesk Admin Password Management

It will now be possible for helpdesk administrators to edit their own account information.



Last updated: 07-19-2013