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This tutorial will show instructors how to link their Tegrity recordings into content areas within FerrisConnect

  1. Click on the Tegrity Classes link within your course.
    Link FC SS1
  2. Select the recording you would like to link.
    Link FC SS2
  3. In the Actions menu (located in the bottom left corner) select "Get Class Link".  This may take up to a minute.
    Link FC SS3
  4. When the window pops up it will contain the URL for your recording.  Copy it to the clipboard.
    Link FC SS4
  5. Go back to FerrisConnect and select the content area you would like the link to reside in.
    Link FC SS5
  6. Click the Build Content button and select URL.
    Link FC SS6
  7. Only the Name and URL fields are required, however you can add a description of the link.  The Name is what your link will be displayed as.  Paste the URL from step 6 into the URL field.
    Link FC SS7
  8. When finished Click Submit.
    Link FC SS8
  9. Your link is now available for students to use.
    Link FC SS9

Last updated: 07-26-2012