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How to Obtain Respondus for your Personal Computer

- The patch in the following link is required for Respondus to work with FerrisConnect.  Once you get Respondus installed please return to this page and download the patch.

Migrating Course Tests

- This tutorial will walk the user through migrating their current Respondus tests from FerrisConnect Vista to FerrisConnect.

Creating a new Respondus File

Enabling Feedback in Respondus

Importing Questions from a File

An Overview of the Settings Tab

Publishing your Tests

How do I use Respondus Campus Wide to create tests in FerrisConnect?

- Learn how to use Respondus to transfer tests from one Learning Management System to another, for example, from FerrisConnect Vista to FerrisConnect.

How do I use the Respondus Lockdown Browser functionality?

- Information for Faculty and Students on how to install and use Respondus Lockdown Browser.

These tutorials only scratch the surface of Respondus.  For more information, consult the help file, visit Respondus.com or make an appointment to visit the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Last updated: 04-12-2013