Moving Tests from Vista to Learn with Respondus

The purpose of this document is to provide step by step instruction for faculty to move tests from Vista to Learn utilizing Respondus 4.0.

Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to ANGEL, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, eCollege, WebCT and other eLearning systems. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, or moved from one eLearning system to another.  It is up to the instructor what method they choose to use for managing their exams.

This tutorial will begin with pulling the course test bank from Vista.  Should an instructor already be utilizing Respondus these steps are not needed, and the reader may begin with step 15.

  1. Open Respondus 4.0 Campus-Wide.
  2. Verify your personality is set to "WebCT 6-8 / Vista 4 – 8" if it is not click the dropdown and set to this personality.
  3. Click the Retrieval & Reports tab at the top.
  4. Click the Retrieve Questions tab on left.
  5. In the Retrieve Questions tab drop down the WebCT Server dialog box and select the desired institution and skip to step 12 (Respondus will ask you what settings you would like to use you can click Next. You may also need to login, use your MyFSU username and password).  Should no institutions be listed click - add new server - .
  6. Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually, and click Next.
  7. Open a web browser and login to FerrisConnect, and click on the FerrisConnect Vista link located under "Previous Learning Management Systems".
  8. Once logged in, select all of the address in the address bar, right click and select Copy.  You may now logout and close the window.
  9. Paste the address into the text box in Step 2 of the onscreen directions and click Extract >> under Step 3.
  10. Click the Institutions >> button under Step 4 and select "Ferris State University" in the dropdown.
  11. Type a Descriptive title for this server, this is what will be displayed from now on to connect to Vista in Respondus.  Type your username and password for Vista.  If you would like Respondus to save your username and password for future use check the box and click OK.  If this is a shared computer this is not recommended.
  12. You are now back at the Retrieve Questions screen.  Select the course you would like to obtain your questions from in the dropdown next to Group or Section.
  13. You now have a choice to select either a quiz or a category.  This choice depends on how your question database structure is set up within Vista.  In this tutorial we will be using Category to minimize duplicate questions in the Respondus database.  Select the Category radio box and then select the desired category to download.
  14. Enter a name for the new file and click Retrieve.  Respondus will now download the category and let you know when it is finished.  If more than one category is needed to be retrieved repeat step 13 and 14 until you have all the desired categories.
  15. Click Start and verify the Current Personality is set to "Blackboard 7.x - 9.x".
  16. Respondus should throw a notification message stating that the selected file was created for a different course management system(CMS) click OK.
  17. You now have the option of replacing the current file with the new CMS settings or to save as a new file. We will be replacing in this tutorial. Click the Replace Current File button.
  18. Click on the Preview & Publish tab located at the top of the window.
  19. Click on the Publish to Blackboard tab located on the left.
  20. Click the Publish Wizard button.
  21. Should you already have the Learn server set up, skip to step 31. Otherwise select –Add a new server – from the Blackboard Server dropdown.
  22. Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually and click Next.
  23. Open your browser, go to the MyFSU site and click FerrisConnect.
  24. Select a course you have instructor access to.  Select the address in the address bar, right click and select Copy.
  25. Return to Respondus and paste the results into the textbox under Step 2 of the onscreen directions.
  26. Click Logout at the top of the FerrisConnect window.
  27. Select the address in the address bar, right-click and select Copy.
  28. Return to Respondus and paste the results into the textbox under Step 1 of the onscreen directions.
  29. Click Extract >>.
  30. Type a description for the server, your MyFSU username and password and click OK.
  31. Verify that Publish to single course is checked and click Next.
  32. Select a course to publish to.
  33. Select how you would like the questions to import.
  34. Since you will be creating a new pool you do not need to add any additional options so you will uncheck those and click Next.
  35. Respondus will go through the upload process and display its results on the screen. When ready click Finish.

The Vista questions are now located in FerrisConnect, as well as your local computer.  You can now create exams from these questions in either Respondus or in FerrisConnect.

Last updated: 10-17-2012