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Group Assignment Submission Date SS 1

There is a known bug dealing specifically with group assignments with the current Service Pack (SP6) that the Blackboard Learn system is utilizing. This problem currently has a fix with an upgrade to SP8. Ferris is currently in the process of testing SP8, but does not have an expected date as to when this will be installed on production systems. For example in the screen shot above all groups submitted their assignment on 2/26/2012, however, the Needs Grading area is incorrectly reporting when the assignment is submitted.

There is a work around so that faculty can view the correct submission date. Follow the steps below to see the actual submission date.

  1. Go into the Full Grade Center.
    Known Issue Group Assignment Bug
  2. Find the column for the group assignment. The screenshot below shows that the Item Name and the column column label will be the same.
    Known Issue Group Assignment Bug
  3. In the column for the group assignment, mouse over the grade given for a certain user, click the chevron button (action link), and the last item listed in the small window that appears shows you the group the user is a member of and what date the assignment was submitted. This group assignment was submitted on 2/15/12.
    Known Issue Group Assignment Bug

Last updated: 07-08-2015