Discussion Boards

About Discussion Boards

The discussion board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials.


Discussion Board Availability 

The instructor makes a discussion thread unavailable within section 2 of the discussion board forum settings by selecting "No" for the Available setting or changes the availability to "Yes" to make it available to students.
Forum Availability Setting Image
The instructor may also set the date and time restriction when the students will be able to see the thread.Forum Availability Setting With Date Restriction Image
If the thread is set to no under availability, the student will see “This forum is currently unavailable.” If the availability date and time restriction is set, the student will see “Forum is not available. Available after: Friday, February 1, 2013.”Forum Not Available Message for Students Image
Students are able to enter the forum, but if a student clicks on a forum that is not available, they will be brought to an Access Denied screen. 
Forum Access Denied Image
If a student clicks on a thread that is set to a date of availability, they will be able to access the thread as normal.Forum Thread Image Number 1
To prevent students from “Creating a Thread,” edit the discussion board forum and uncheck “Allow Members to Create New Threads” under section 3 (Forum Settings). Forum Settings Image
Then the students will not see a “Create Thread” button when they go to the discussion board forum.Forum Threads Image Number 2

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Additional help from Blackboard regarding the discussion board.