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Transferring FerrisConnect Vista Tests to FerrisConnect

FerrisConnect cannot directly export items from FerrisConnect Vista.  The following is the only approved method for taking items from FerrisConnect Vista and getting them into FerrisConnect.  This tutorial specifically shows how to take tests from the FerrisConnect Vista environment and place them into FerrisConnect, however, since FerrisConnect allows for the import of specific Course Material this tutorial could be used to import whole classes from FerrisConnect Vista to FerrisConnect.

1.       After logging into FerrisConnect Vista. Select the course you would like to get Test information from.

2.       Click Manage Course.

Transfer Tests SS1

3.       Click Backup.

Transfer Tests SS2

4.       Click Backup Course.

Transfer Tests SS3

          a.       If you receive an error stating you have reached the quota of online backups you are able to skip the current backup or delete the oldest backup on file.  And click Proceed.

Transfer Tests SS4

5.       Click OK.  It may take a couple of minutes for your backup to be ready to be downloaded.

Transfer Tests SS5

6.       Click Manage Course (see above).

7.       Click Backup (see above).

8.       Click the chevron next to the backup you just created, and select Save as File.

Transfer Tests SS6

9.       Select Class Files and click OK. (NOTE: If the Tracking data checkbox is checked, the backup file will include data associated with the students that were enrolled in the course. Most of the time you will want to uncheck the Tracking data checkbox).

Transfer Tests SS7

10.   Click on File Manager and your file should be listed (NOTE: this may take a few minutes for it to be moved by the server).

Transfer Tests SS8

11.   Click the chevron and select Download.

Transfer Tests SS9

12.   Save your file to anyplace convenient for you.

Transfer Tests SS10

13.   Log out of FerrisConnect Vista and log into FerrisConnect.

14.   Select the course you are importing to.

15.   Click Packages and Utilities within your Control Panel and Click Import Package / View Logs.

Transfer Tests SS11

16.   Click Import Package.

Transfer Tests SS12

17.   Click Browse on step 2 (Select a Package) and select the backup file you just created.

Transfer Tests SS13

18.   If you are just trying to obtain your test data only check Tests, Surveys, and Pools in step 3 (Select Course Materials) and click Submit.

Transfer Tests SS14

19.   You should now be able to view any tests in FerrisConnect that had been in FerrisConnect Vista. This may take a couple of minutes to be processed by the server. Click Course Tools and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

Transfer Tests SS15

20.   Click Tests.

Transfer Tests SS16

21.   You should now be able to enable your old FerrisConnect Vista tests within FerrisConnect.

Transfer Tests SS17

Last updated: 01-21-2013