What is a Crosslisting?

There are two terms that appear on the FerrisConnect Course Request form associated with cross-listings.  One, as seen in Figure 1 below, is "Parent."  As you might guess, on a subsequent form you'll encounter the word, "Children."

The "Parent refers to the course that you wish to serve as the placeholder for the courses you are combining (i.e., cross-listing).  The courses you are combining, then, are the "Children."  We'll explain this further in the following instructions and screenshots.

Before doing that, there's one more important consideration at this point.  In Figure 1, you'll notice that only one course (CRN 80152) has been checked.  This means that there will only be one instance of cross-listed courses; CRN 80152 will serve as the "Parent."  If you wish to have more than one "Parent" (meaning you want to create two or more instances of cross-listed courses), you can indicate so at this point in the process.  You would simply place a checkmark next to the CRNs for which those courses will serve as "Parents" and then click "Submit." This is illustrated in Figure 8 below in which two courses -- CRNs 80152 and 80224 -- will be "Parents."

Figure 7

Figure 1. Screenshot if a cross-listing is requested.

Identifying Cross-Listings in FerrisConnect

Use the numbers below to correspond with the circled numbers found in the Figure 2 image. All of these items are found in the My Courses Module.

  1. Example of what a Cross-Listed course section looks like. This is also referred to as the Master Course. Notice that the Course ID begins with "XLIST_".
  2. This is what the Parent and Child CRN sections look like. Notice that they say they are unavailable. If you click on one of these course section links, you will get a message at the top of the page stating: "Unavailable child course: Students will not see changes made to this course. Please work in master course." You can see an example of this in Figure 3.
  3. This indicates the Term. Clicking on the down arrow to the left of the Term will collapse all courses that are a member of the Term. This will be very useful in the future. Please see Figure 4 for an example of what it looks like when collapsing the Term. To expand the Term, click the right facing arrow.
  4. Clicking the gear icon allows you to change settings for your My Courses Module. One benefit is that you can hide all of the unavailable course sections. For instructions on how to do this, please see the following page: http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/mytechsupport/ferrisconnect/faculty_support/fcbblearn/courses/HideOldCourses.htm

 Cross-Listing Example Image

Figure 2. My Courses Module features, including what cross-listed course looks like.

 Unavailable Child Course Example Image

Figure 3. Example of the Unavailable Child Course message for a course section that is part of a Cross-Listing.

 Term Collapsed Example Image

Figure 4. Example of the Term collapsed in the My Courses Module.

Last updated: 01-18-2013