Respondus Lockdown Browser


If you are giving a test using Respondus Lockdown Browser within Blackboard, please be aware that you will need to have your students use the latest version of the Lockdown Browser software and to make sure to remind them to get the update when prompted. If they do not use the latest version of the software and the test was delivered to them "all at once", they will only be able to answer one question before it errors out.


For those areas on campus, that have public computers, IT will be working to update those versions but until that can be done one work around to the problem is to change the delivery of the test from receiving questions all at once, to deliver the questions one at a time. This is a simple radio button change on the instructor’s part when releasing the exam and can be found under Edit the Test Options. This solution can be used until desktop support can push out an update to the software.



This should be used only as a temporary fix. Set the Test Presentation option for the test to "One at a Time", as seen in the following screen shot.

Image of Test Presentation Settings in Blackboard Learn/FerrisConnect

Permanent Fix


Update the Respondus Lockdown Browser to the latest version, version If you are using a computer in a computer lab in FLITE or anywhere else on-campus, please report this to the Technology Assistance Center (TAC). The contact information for TAC is on the right menu of this page.

  1. After launching Respondus Lockdown Browser the software will check to see if an update is available. Click the Yes button to continue.

    Image of notification that update may be available.
  2. If an update is available, you will be notified in the following window. Click the Get Update button.

    Image of Get Update window.
  3. You will be notified that the program is closing in order to install the update.

    Image of notification that program will close.
  4. A command prompt window will appear notifying the user it is updating software, as pictured below.

    Image of updating software command prompt window.
  5. Once the update is completed, you will be presented with the following window. Click OK to complete.

    Image of notification that software update is complete.

Last updated: 07-08-2015