Assignment Errors in Learning Modules


Students can receive two types of error messages when accessing an assignment. The first error is a Session Error, and this appears as a prompt. The other error message, we will refer to it as System Error, is one that is presented with a large red banner across the page. This occurs when a student attempts to access an Assignment contained within a Learning Module, either after submitting the Assignment, or after saving the Assignment as a draft.


Session Error

When entering an Assignment contained within a Learning Module, the student will be presented with two session error prompt windows. Clicking the "OK" button in the first window, see Figure 1, will reveal the second window. Clicking the "OK" button in the second window, Figure 2, will then provide the student with access to the Assignment.

First Session Error Prompt Window
- Figure 1

Second Session Error Prompt Window
- Figure 2

System Error

Once a student submits an Assignment that is contained within a Learning Module, when the student tries to view the assignment again they will see the System Error message, as displayed in Figure 4 below. When submitting an assignment, please make sure that you see the green bar across the top of the page that indicates the assignment is complete, as displayed in Figure 3.Image of Assignment Complete Green Bar
- Figure 3

When the student attempts to go back into the Assignment they will see the System Error message, as displayed in Figure 4. If the student does not submit the Assignment, but rather saves it as a draft, the very next time the student views the assignment they will see the System Error message. This prevents the student from accessing the Assignment to finish and Submit it.

Image of System Error Message
- Figure 4


Session Error

When students encounter the Session Error, simply click the OK buttons which will allow them to access and complete the Assignment.

System Error

Faculty should move any/all Assignments that currently do not have any submissions made by students out of the Learning Module and place them into a Folder. This known issue is only related to Assignments that exist within a Learning Module. When the Assignment is linked to from any other location within the course, the System Error is not exhibited. Students are advised to not use the "Save as Draft" option. In the event that a student does save as draft, the only work around then is for the instructor to clear that Assignment attempt. This unfortunately will result in the student losing all work previously saved. Our recommendation to students is that if any text is to be entered in the "Text Submission" field for an Assignment, that the student should first type that information into Microsoft Word first, then copy and paste from Word into the "Text Submission" box, and then finally click the Submit button.

Expected Fix

At this time, Blackboard does not have an expected date in which a patch will be released for this known issue. As soon as a patch is released by Blackboard Support, it will be applied to the FerrisConnect system on the next available Information Technology maintenance night.

Last updated: 04-21-2014