New Affiliate Password Help

Starting June 17, 2014 affiliates (“volunteers”) will be required to reset their MyFSU password every 120 days. This change is happening because we require that people who work with confidential information, such as student academic records, have their passwords expire. We have to treat all affiliate accounts the same even if just a few are accessing confidential information.

Before you can change your password, you must first set up security challenge questions. After completing the security challenge setup you will then be able to change your password.

For general information about setting up your security challenge questions and resetting your password click here.

Setting Up Security Challenge Questions


1.    When you arrive at the above link, a pop-up box will appear for you to log in with your Ferris Computing ID (MyFSU ID) and your password.

Note: Be sure to insert “@student.local” after your ID. (Ex: MyFSUID@student.local) You will also need to type “@student.local” each time the password assistance system asks you for your user name. (Yes, we do mean student.local for Affiliate accounts.)

2.    Once you click “OK” you will be taken to a screen to begin the password registration process.

3.    You will need to enter your current password.

4.    Then answer at least three of the questions listed.

5.    Once finished you will see a screen that states you have completed the registration.

For more information and image instructions on setting up setting up your challenge questions click here.

Resetting Your Password


1.    When you arrive at the above link, you will be prompted for your MyFSU ID.

Note: Be sure to insert “@student.local” after your ID. (Ex: MyFSUID@student.local)

2.    After clicking “Next,” you will be brought to a page to answer two of the security question you set up. You must answer both correctly in order to reset your password.

3.After clicking “Next,” once again, you will now be allowed to choose a new password.

Remember: This password must have at least eight characters which contain an upper case letter, a lower case letter, and a numerical value. It cannot be the same as your MyFSU ID.

4.    Once you click “Next,” you should receive a page that states you have successfully reset your password.

For more information and image instructions on resetting your password click here.

Still Need Help?

If you have any problems or further questions please contact TAC at (231) 591-4822 or toll free at (877) 779-4822.


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