Heartbleed Bug

You may have heard on the news that there is a security problem affecting many web sites and may be wondering if it will affect you.

What is the problem?

You know that little lock that you think indicates you are on a secure site? Well, the industry standard code that web site makers used to ensure security was not that secure after all.

There is a serious vulnerability, named the Heartbleed bug, which allows stealing of information protected, under normal conditions, on popular websites. Internet-based applications, such as web, email, instant messaging (IM), banking, and some virtual private networks (VPNs) are affected. Hackers could get your social security number, credit card info, and more.

What should I do?

If notified by an administrator of a Ferris system to change your password, please change it promptly. If you have set up accounts on other websites and used the same password as your Ferris password, it is recommended that your change both passwords so they do not match.

Think about your personal accounts and consider these best practices:

  • This highlights the danger of using the same password over and over again for all your sites/service providers – so use different passwords for different sites.
  • Using the same username and password on multiple sites that hold valuable information is a bad idea.
  • For banking and email in particular, you definitely should have different usernames and passwords.
  • Change your password at regular intervals, even if not requested/required by the web site/service provider.


Here is a good web page to find out more about what do to and what it all means: http://time.com/55337/how-to-protect-yourself-against-the-heartbleed-bug/


If you have further questions, contact the Technology Assistance Center at 231-591-4822.

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