Development Committee

Foundation Directors
John Hare, Chair
Mike Bigford
Kevin Cross
Jean Elder
Bob Friar
Jim Giroux
Stephanie Leonardos
Karl Linebaugh
Joe Mikols
Dick Shaw
Terry Stewart
Howard Stross
Sue Walz

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting)

Carla Miller, Advancement

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Advancement of Ferris' philanthropic agenda
  2. Validation and selection of Ferris' fund raising priorities in consultation with the president, the academic leadership and Trustees
  3. Overall design and implementation of Ferris's fund raising strategies and plans including special event fund raising
  4. Systematic identification, cultivation and solicitation of prospects
  5. Engagement of Foundation Directors in the fundraising process
  6. Ongoing communication of Ferris' philanthropic agenda and progress toward fund raising objectives to the Foundation board
  7. Peer solicitation of Foundation Directors

Current Agenda

  1. Linkage of Ferris' vision and strategic directions to its philanthropic agenda
  2. Development and implementation of strategies that identify and engage individuals and organizations with the influence and resources capable of advancing Ferris' philanthropic agenda
  3. Establishment of the characteristics and practices of highly effective fundraising Foundations
  4. Engagement of Foundation Director's in all phases of development activity
  5. Development of a strong Development Committee that is capable of exercising greater leadership