What to expect the day of the ceremony

 Students do not have a rehearsal prior to the Commencement ceremonies.

  • Check in at your college’s table in the Ewigleben Sports Complex Ice Arena approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony. Leave personal items with family or friends. DO NOT leave personal items in the Ice Arena. Ferris staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • You will receive a name card, where you may include a phonetic spelling of your name. The name card is used by the adjutant (a faculty member) to read your name as you cross the stage.
  • You will also receive a yellow Graduation Foto card. Graduation Foto will use this card to identify you, so they can send you proofs and ordering information.
  • Approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony, Commencement staff will line students up by degree (doctorate, master, bachelor, and associate. If you and a friend would like to sit next to each other you will need to be in the same line. The lines will split once inside Wink Arena, with one line being seated on the left side and the other being seated on the right side.
  • Marshals (faculty members) will lead the students into Wink Arena. 
  • Stand at your seat until your row is filled; once the row is filled you may sit down.
  • Marshals will lead faculty in after the students are seated. 
  • The mace bearer (a faculty member) will lead the presidential party to the stage. 
  • At the adjutant’s cue, ushers will lead graduating students to the stage.
  • Once on the stage, you will hand your yellow Graduation Foto card to the stage assistant and your name card to the adjutant. 
  • The adjutant will read each student’s name as they cross the stage.
  • You will be handed a diploma scroll by your dean and be greeted by President, David Eisler and the Director of Alumni Relations, Jeremy Mishler.
  • Diplomas are not distributed at the ceremony.  You will receive your diploma from your college approximately 8 weeks after you have completed your degree requirements.
  • You will be asked to pause for a photo before leaving the stage.
  • Exit on the left hand side of the stage and return to your seat (ushers will direct you).
  • After all degrees have been conferred, the ceremonial switching of the tassel from right to left will take place.
  • As a courtesy to all graduating students, please remain seated until you are dismissed by the adjutant.
  • At the end of the ceremony, follow the directions provided by the adjutant.