Dual Enrollment
Possible Courses for Students

Below is a list of courses suitable for dual enrollment students. All students must consult with their high school guidance counselor or principal before registering to ensure high school graduation requirements are met. Additionally, students must achieve the appropriate state qualifying scores and meet the individual course prerequisites.

This is a sample list of courses. There may be other courses high school students are qualified to take. Students may search for additional classes in the Ferris State course catalog.

Click on each course title or number to view the course description and prerequisites.

ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting

ANTH 121 Introduction to Physical Anthropology

ANTH 122 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

AUTO 111 Manual Transmission-Drivelines

AUTO 112 Automotive Brake Systems

AUTO 113 Auto Electricity-Electronics

AUTO 114 Automotive Engines

BIOL 101 Genetics-Human Aspects

BIOL 121 General Biology 1

BIOL 122 General Biology 2

BUSN 122 Introduction to Business

CDTD 111 Drafting Fundamentals

CDTD 112 CAD Fundamentals

CARE 102 Career and Education Planning

CHEM 103 Preparatory Chemistry

CHEM 114 Introduction to General Chemistry

CHEM 121 General Chemistry 1

COMM 121 Fundamentals-Public Speaking

COMM 105 Interpersonal Communication

CCHS 101 Orientation-Healthcare

CCHS 102 Safety Issues-Healthcare

CRIM 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRIM 111 Introduction to Corrections

EEET 111 Mobile Robots

ENGL 150 English 1

ENGL 250 English 2

ENGL 222 Introduction to Creative Writing

FINC 201 Personal Finance

FREN 101 Beginning French 1

FREN 102 Beginning French 2

GEOG 100 Geography of World Regions

GEOG 112 Cultural Geography

GERM 101 Beginning German 1

GERM 201 Intermediate German 1

HEQT 101 Maintenance Fundamentals

HEQT 110 Electronics Fundamentals

HIST 121 US History to 1877

HIST 122 US History-1877 to Present

HIST 151 History of Western Civilization to 1500

HUMN 100 Intro to Humanities

HUMN 101 Classical and Medieval Period

ISYS 105 Intro Micro Systems-Software

ISYS 110 Fundamentals of Computer Info Systems

JRNL 121 Writing for Mass Media

LITR 150 Introduction to Literature

CONM 111 Construction Practices

CONM 116 Construction Graphics

MFGT 110 Theory of Prod Machined Comp

MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra

MATH 116 Intermediate Algebra-Num Trig

MATH 120 Trigonometry

MATH 220 Analytical Geometry-Calculus 1

MRIS 103 Medical Terminology

PHYS 211 Introductory Physics 1

PHYS 212 Introductory Physics 2

PLSC 121 American Government 1-People and Politics

PLSC 122 American Government 2-Policy Making

PSYC 150 Introduction to Psychology

SOCY 121 Introductory Sociology

SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish 1

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 1

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If you have already selected a course to take, you may view when the class is being offered through the FSU Course Search system.