Ferris State University’s CARE 102: Career and Education Planning course provides students with opportunities to explore college programs, career options, and employment viability. Students discover how comprehensive educational planning can help them with their lifelong career decision making process. Students will develop a personalized educational and career plan based on their passions, interests, and skills using strength-based assessments conducted throughout the class. The average college student changes their major three times. But, by completing assessments and learning more about themselves, students are better equipped to pick a college major without bouncing from major to major.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and the admissions process for the CARE 102 Career and Education Planning course, please download the CARE 102 brochure.

Course Outcomes

  • Students will develop personal educational and career vision statements based on their results from interest and skill strength-based inventories
  • Students will research careers and the educational requirements for those careers as they develop personal educational and career summary plans
  • Students will create detailed educational and career plans, along with educational and career contingency plans based on their educational and career vision statements
  • Students will develop SMART educational and career goals based on their educational and development plans

 2015-16 Partners

  • Baldwin High School
  • Capital Area Career Center
  • Dryden High School
  • Harbor Beach High School
  • Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
  • Rockford High School
  • Sparta High School
  • Traverse City Area Public Schools
  • Vandercook Lake High School
  • Woodbridge Promise Summer Success Program at Grand Rapids, Holland, Shelby, and Detroit (Ferris State Center for Latin@ Studies and the Ferris State Charter Schools Office)