Mentor FAQ’s

  • No, mentors are not paid; however the program coordinates events on-campus and off-campus which are free to mentors who complete an application and are eligible. However, mentors do receive a stipend at the end of the semester based upon the number of mentees they support and their level of participation

  • There are no minimum or maximum age requirements to be a mentor. Any part-time or full-time Ferris student can apply to become a mentor.

  • Mentors are required to have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average and be at least a sophomore student.

  • We ask mentors to make contact with their mentee(s) at lease once or twice a week. The contact can consist of one-on-one contact, phone, or email.

  • In order to provide an objective and quality mentor experience, we do not encourage mentors and mentees date during this experience.