Outstanding First-Year Advocate

Deadline for Nominations: February 20, 2015

The Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the academic and/or personal lives of first-year students. This award is open to faculty and staff in all areas of the University. Any member of the Ferris community may submit a nomination.

Nomination Process:

Nominators will complete the nomination form and write an accompanying one-page letter of support. The nomination form may not exceed three pages and must describe the nominee's advocacy efforts on behalf of first-year students. Nominators may also include up to two supporting letters of nomination.

Candidates will be notified about their nominations and asked to submit a brief philosophy/statement to be reviewed by the FSUS Awards Selection Committee. Nominations should be submitted based on the following factors:

Criteria for Award:

Timeline for the Nomination and Selection Process:

Nominations are due February 20, 2015. Submission forms may be sent in hard copy to Shelly VandePanne, ASC 1048, or via email to FSUSeminar@ferris.edu. Candidates will be notified of their nomination and must respond by February 27, 2015.