FSUS 100 Goals and Objectives


The purpose of the Ferris State University Seminar Class is to provide first year students with personal connections, knowledge, and resources that will enhance their potential for learning, safety, satisfaction, and graduation.


The goal of the FSUSeminar course is to facilitate student transition from high school to university life and by so doing improve student academic performance and retention. Students will develop a relationship with FSUS faculty members that will serve as an internal model for interactions with future teachers.


  1. become familiar with campus resources and technology (academic, student, and personal support services);
  2. develop an awareness of learning strategies to adapt in various educational environments;
  3. gain an understanding of wellness issues that directly affect their health and safety;
  4. learn to develop effective time management and goal setting strategies;
  5. learn to understand, respect, and value diversity in its many forms;
  6. learn about academic advisor/advisee relationships and course registration;
  7. become active participants and contributors in the campus and community;
  8. learn about and understand academic integrity and classroom etiquette skills that foster appropriate conduct in a post-secondary institutional setting;
  9. be introduced to financial literacy; and
  10. learn about the University’s mission, core values, and historical development.