Goals and Objectives

FSUS 100

The purpose of the Ferris State University Seminar Class is to provide first year students with personal connections, knowledge, and resources that will enhance their potential for learning, safety, satisfaction & graduation.

To facilitate student transition from high school to university life and by so doing improve student academic performance and retention. Students will develop a relationship with FSUS faculty members that will serve as an internal model for interactions with future teachers.


  1. For students to become familiar with FSU’s campus resources (e.g. library, Health Center, Recreation Center, current campus technology) that will enhance their potential for learning, safety, satisfaction, and graduation.
  2. For students to develop awareness of how they learn and how to access academic and personal support services (Academic Support Center, Personal Counseling Center).
  3. For students to gain an understanding of wellness issues that directly impact their health and safety (alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault issues, HIV/STD’s).
  4. For students to develop effective time management strategies.
  5. For students to understand how to apply basic study skill techniques to their courses.
  6. For students to understand and learn to appreciate differences and similarities among the members of the diverse Ferris community.
  7. For students to receive academic advising and technical assistance to insure appropriate registration for the next semester.
  8. For encouragement of students to be active participants and contributors in campus and community activities.
  9. For students to learn about and understand academic integrity and classroom etiquette skills that foster appropriate conduct in the post secondary institutional setting.
  10. For students to know about and understand Woodbridge N. Ferris and his vision as educator, statesman and humanitarian thereby promoting an appreciation for and understanding of the uniqueness of Ferris State University.