The FSUS Instructor and Coordinator Roles

Instructor Role in FSUS
While the FSUS design promotes academic freedom in the content and delivery of course materials, there are some steps that each instructor must take to make FSUS work to enable student success:

  1. Develop a course Syllabus that includes the course objectives (indicating how the objectives will be met), an attendance policy and grading criteria. A sample syllabus is provided to all faculty members and may be adapted to meet their needs.
  2. Send a copy of the course syllabus to the FSUS coordinator one week before classes begin.
  3. Contact and schedule guest speakers for your classes. (The FSUS Coordinator will schedule large group presentations, but not individual classroom presentations.)
  4. Participate in end-of-the-semester FSUS course survey. 
  5. Check weekly FSUS Infomail for reminders of upcoming events and new information as it comes along.

FSUS Coordinator Role

  1. Recruit and train FSUS instructors.
  2. Maintain contact with FSUS instructors and provide information and reminders via the FSUS Infomail.
  3. Develop resource / informational materials for instructors.
  4. Provide an instructor resource manual.
  5. Provide informational seminars throughout the year.
  6. Schedule FSUS courses and classrooms (by recommendation of Deans and Associate Deans)
  7. Collect and maintain faculty information necessary to facilitate payment for course overloads.
  8. Promote academic freedom for FSUS instructors