Exploring Your Academic Career Options

Educational Counseling assists students in the detection and development of their academic potential! We work to help you gain more of an understanding of how to succeed at Ferris through our Strategies Workshops. The Career Counseling process includes the collection, interpretation and delivery of a plethora of information! If you're hoping to take a few courses to figure out what major you want, to get your feet wet or want to learn for the sake of learning our Nondegree/Guest Student program is for you. Disabilities Services is here to serve and advocate for students with disabilities, empowering them for self-reliance and independence while promoting equal access to educational opportunities and programs. Information, reasonable accommodation and counseling are offered to students through our office.

Our licensed professional counselors are committed to providing personalized service to you. Our counselors will blend individual needs with resources available to assist in developing educational, career and life goals. Whether it is a one-on-one session, a classroom presentation or workshop, we are here to meet your needs.