Misperception 8 - Everybody else has a solid understanding of careers and the world-of-work. Because I don't, I am the only one who is confused, abnormal and feeling anxious. Everybody else has a handle on life!

Career Wisdom: A career decision reflects a major life transition. It's human nature to question our decisions and to doubt the outcome. For most college students, a career decision is stressful.  FACT: Your knowledge of occupations may be incomplete. Many people get most of their information from the media and it often provides a glamorized and unrealistic picture of a variety of careers. Much of what passes as knowledge is really based upon stereotypes. As you narrow down your options, be sure you are getting a balanced and accurate picture of the occupations you are considering. As you assess your career goals and begin the task of decision making, take advantage of Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services. Our counselors will support you through this very important phase of your career development. Whether you are at the initial phase of choosing a major, researching career possibilities or if you're unsure what comes next, make an appointment with a counselor to help develop your plan of action.

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