Misperception 3 - I will only have one career in my lifetime, so my career choice is irreversible because I don't want to be stuck with something I don't like.

Career Wisdom: Career planning is an on-going and lifelong process and involves more than one decision.  FACT: Change is inevitable. Once you choose a career, it will most likely be the first of many. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people born from 1957-64 held an average of 10.2 jobs from ages 18-38! The trend is expected to continue. Decisions can be changed. You will probably revisit your career plans several times during your life; this is common. Adults continue to grow and develop; again this is natural and normal. Priorities change as life changes occur. As important as it is to find a rewarding occupation, it is not likely to be a final decision. Just as you will continue to change throughout life, so will the job market. Many occupations that will be available within your lifetime may not even exist yet! While there is no guarantee you are making the "right" choice at any given point, your goal should be to make the "next best choice" for now, and continue to evaluate and re-evaluate it.

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