Misperception 20: My choice of a major or career should satisfy other people who are important to me.

Career Wisdom: This misperception results in a heroic attempt to please everyone, a task usually impossible to achieve.  FACT: The reality is that while we may care what others think, ultimately we must satisfy ourselves in order to be happy. The other important people in your life may well have some good suggestions, but they cannot be equally familiar with all fields at Ferris or all other possible fields. The career they enjoy or think you should enjoy may or may not be best for you. Listen to them, check it out, but consider other views as well, especially your own! Part of that move towards adult independence is figuring out what is right for you, not what makes everyone else happy. The counselors at Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services can help you with that exploration but remember the decision you make is ultimately yours.

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