Misperception 2:  My major determines my career which determines my major, so I must choose wisely because this is the rest of my life.

Career Wisdom: One major can lead to many different careers, and one career can be reached through many different majors. It is possible to work in almost any career with any major.  FACT: Many people find themselves working in fields only remotely related to their majors. Most majors prepare you for a variety of careers. Many employers are looking for qualities and skills not directly related to your major. Communication, motivation, organizational skills, strong writing and the ability to problem solve are just a few examples of what employers value. When you combine the skills you'll learn in your major with others you'll gain from full-time work, internships, or other activities, as well as "real world" skills you have already obtained you'll have the ability to move in a variety of directions. Most jobs do not specify which college major is needed, even if they require workers to have a college degree. Keep in mind that over 80% of workers in the United States are currently in a career field not directly related to their college major.

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