Misperception 10 - I should choose an occupation based on my strongest skills, because my happiness is impossible without the perfect career.

Career Wisdom: Your career can be a major source of satisfaction in life, but it is not everything in life. Sometimes a job is simply a means to an end so time can be spent on the things that really make you happy.  FACT: It is risky to consider only your skills for a career decision because skills are only one dimension of a full self-analysis. Your interests, personality preferences and values are equally important in the decision making process. What you enjoy and what is important to you about life and work should also be taken into consideration. Just because you are good at something does not mean that you will enjoy doing that activity for a living. Also, relying on your current skills does not take into account the skills you may have in areas to which you have not yet been exposed. Talk to one of Educational and Career Counselors today to help you look at a variety of options for you to pursue.

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