How can Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services help me?

Educational counseling can help you with developing educational and career plans and solving personal problems that may be interfering with your academic progress and success. Career counseling can be particularly helpful when you have multiple interests or unclear goals.

Through counseling you will learn how to understand yourself better. Personal assessments will increase your understanding of your values, personality, needs, skills and abilities, and how they relate to choosing a major and finding job satisfaction. By identifying your strengths and challenges, you are much more likely to improve your academic and professional success.

If you are experiencing or contemplating a life transition, you may benefit from discussing it with one of our Center's professional counselors. Transitions, which are basically any changes that occur in your life, can be as simple as taking on a part-time job or as complex as becoming a parent, relocating, or choosing a new career path to follow.

Professional counselors can help you with issues such as time commitments, balancing multiple roles, family responsibilities and work obligations--issues that may have an impact on your academic performance and success.