Requesting Student's Responsibilities

  • I agree to attend each class session. Unexcused absences may result in the withdrawal of volunteer note-taker services for that class.

  • I agree to have a back-up plan in place, such as a tape player or another student who will take notes, in the event this note-taker is absent from class. I will also try to take my own notes, if this is possible.

  • I understand that the volunteer note-taker is not required to take notes if I am absent or late for class.

  • After each class, the note-taker will give me the NCR original of the notes and the note-taker keeps the copy. Taking notes on a laptop computer and e-mailing the student or printing the notes is acceptable.

  • It is my responsibility to carry the Note-Taker Notebook from class to class and hand it to the volunteer note-taking student at the beginning of class.

  • I will communicate with my note-taker often regarding the quality and legibility of the notes. Positive feedback will improve the relationship and let the volunteer note-taker know that I appreciate the service.

  • I will call Disabilities Services (ext. 3057) regarding any problems associated with my note-taker.

  • If for some reason I withdraw from this class, I will notify Disabilities Services. Failure to do so could jeopardize future note-taking services.

  • It is my responsibility to request volunteer note-taker service through Disabilities Services each semester.