Faculty Rights and Responsibilities


Ferris State University relies on faculty and staff to provide access to all of its programs and activities to students with disabilities. Our University accepts only those students who are otherwise qualified for admission regardless of their disabilities.

Accommodations are provided for eligible students in order to level the playing field so students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic pursuits.

Your Responsibilities as an Instructor

Faculty are encouraged to include in course syllabi a statement encouraging students to make an appointment with the instructor if they need course adaptations or accommodations, if they have any emergency medical information of which the instructor should be aware, or if they need special arrangements in the event the building must be evacuated. Instructors are encouraged to bring the statement to the attention of the students at the first class meeting.

Communication between faculty and students is key to providing an environment where a student with disability can realize his or her academic potential, however it is not the responsibility of faculty to determine the legitimacy of the student's disability or the appropriateness of the requested accommodations.

Faculty will receive an electronic copy of a student's letter of accommodations. Only students with documented disabilities will receive accommodations. If you have not received an electronic copy of this letter, faculty should send students with reported disabilities to Disabilities Services before providing accommodations.

Professionals in our office review all disability documentation submitted on the student's behalf and identify appropriate accommodations. Students without documentation are not eligible for our services.

Accommodations do not become official until a student registers with our office, provides documentation, completes their intake (for the first semester) and reregisters each subsequent semester. If a requested accommodation seems to violate the goals or requirements of a course, the instructor should consult with the Department Head of Disabilities Services to arrange for an accommodation that provides access without compromising academic standards.

Your Rights as an Instructor

Faculty and staff have the right to:

  • Hold all students to course requirements and grading standards.
  • Obtain information about a student's accommodations (but not the condition).
  • Consult with Disabilities Services staff regarding alternative accommodations.
  • Expect all students to observe academic standards and code of community standards as outlined in the course syllabus and University policies.
  • Have concerns regarding student accommodations addressed by Disabilities Services