How Disabilities Services Works at FSU

As you know, Disabilities Services works with professors and students to see that disability accommodations are met. It is our goal to help facilitate the needs of both parties. If you have any questions about a student's accommodations, please call for clarification.

Exams at our office are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since our exam capabilities are limited due to staffing and space, it is very important that students schedule with timely notice (two working days).

When necessary, our office will attempt to make arrangements for additional rooms and staff when sufficient advance notice is given. Unfortunately, additional rooms and staff are not always available! When a student is unable to provide "timely notice" due to postponements or lack of timely notification from the professor, it is the professor's choice to provide the accommodations within their department or allow the student additional time in order to make arrangements with our office.

The following is a list of services and items provided by our office to students with disabilities based on documented functional limitations (note — the item MUST be listed as one of the student's documented accommodations):

It is the student's responsibility to talk with the professor about any accommodations that he/she feels might be needed in each particular class. Accommodations are based on the documentation of their specific disability. Please understand — students with disabilities do not always choose to use every allowed accommodation in every class. Most will use only the ones that they know will be needed for them to be successful in that particular subject.

Faculty are required to honor the accommodation requests. Students with disabilities request services and provide proof of their disability through Disabilities Services. Notification of allowable accommodations are electronically mailed to you at the beginning of each semester.

  • Do not provide accommodations if you have not received an Instructor Notification. Refer student to Disabilities Services to get inquire about their status. Providing unauthorized services can create problems and lead to unnecessary complaints and legal complications.
  • Contact Disabilities Services if you have concerns about a particular accommodation. You can do this by calling the coordinator at (231) 591-3057 v/tty, or by e-mail. Although disability information is confidential, we can assist with concerns you may have in this area.
  • Evaluate student performance fairly - hold disabled students to the same standards as any other student.
  • Expect adherence to the Student Code of Conduct. When violations occur take the same actions you do with non-disabled students
  • Do not embarrass or intimidate the student. Talk to them in private about your concerns and questions.
  • Individuals with Disabilities should be assisted in an emergency evacuation situation. Please refer to Campus Police if needed or call them at 591-5000.