Faculty Concerns Regarding Student Accommodations


It is the policy of Ferris State University, Disabilities Services, that faculty shall have a procedure for lodging an objection or disagreement with assigned accommodations that appear on the notification letter generated by Disabilities Services for a student with documented disabilities.

Informal Procedure:

  • Faculty should meet with the student to understand the approved accommodation.
  • Contact the Disabilities Services or their Department Head by phone or email to discuss the issue.
  • A meeting can be set up with the faculty member and student to review the accommodation issues.

Formal Procedure:

  • A faculty member objecting to the approved accommodation(s), should contact the disabilities department head by email or phone to set up an appointment to discuss the accommodation concern within 72 hours after meeting with the student.
  • If the result of the consultation is not to the satisfaction of the faculty member, the faculty member will submit to Disabilities Services a written justification for objections with supporting documentation within three business days.
  • After reviewing the written justification, the department head will review the submitted request and will consult with the Dean of Retention and Student Success.
  • Disabilities Services will notify the faculty member of the decision in writing within 10 business days. If appropriate, an amended accommodations letter will be sent to the student and the faculty member.
  • If accommodations are taken away from the student, a letter will be sent to the student indicating why the services will not be allowed.
  • If the faculty member still objects to the decision of the Dean, the faculty member may contact the Equal Opportunity Office, McKessey House, 231-591-3894.

While the objection is being reviewed, the student shall be afforded the benefit of the listed accommodation(s) pending a final decision.