Addressing the Question of Disabilities

Deal with question of disabilities openly, as part of the introduction to your class. During the beginning of each semester, generally your first day of class, make a general announcement: "If you need accommodations for any sort of disability, please speak to me after class, make an appointment to see me, or see me during my office hours." Add a similar statement to your syllabus.

When you meet with a student, explain the course requirements and ask the student to clarify any special needs outlined by our office. If they have registered with our office you will have received an electronic letter outlining their classroom accommodations. You may not refuse accommodations for a documented disability. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact our office at (231) 591-3057.

If a student has not registered with our office they need to do so PRIOR to receiving any special accommodations within the classroom or lab. Only students with documented disabilities registered with our office are eligible for services.