What do I do if a student's performance indicates the possibility of an undiagnosed disability?

Ask the student if he/she would like to talk confidentially about the difficulties he/she is encountering in your class. Most often they will reflect excellence in one area of course performance and mediocrity in another. Such inequities in performance may be attributable to a wide range of factors, one of which could be an undiagnosed disability. Inform the student that he/she may, if they choose, have these difficulties evaluated to determine if they are the result of a learning disability. If the evaluation results in the diagnosis of a learning disability, accommodations could be introduced which would allow the student to better demonstrate his/her knowledge and perform better in the course. Finally, inform the student that the next step is to contact the Disabilities Services if he/she would like to further investigate whether a learning disability is present. It is critical the instructors only inform students of this option. Instructors may neither require nor coerce students to engage these services.

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