What do I do when I receive an Faculty Referral letter?

Keep that letter in your files for that class/section to refer to and follow/provide the services that are outlined in the letter. The first class session is an important time to determine if services will be utilized. Students are encouraged to approach you with their intent to use accommodations and at that point you can verify their needs by following what is outlined on the Faculty Referral letter.

If the student is entitled to a notetaker and has made you aware that they would like to utilize this service, we ask you to assist by obtaining a paid volunteer student to take notes.

If the student is entitled to special testing arrangements and makes you aware of their intent to use this service, please deliver the test to our office, fax it to us at (231) 591-3939, or e-mail it to the address above. This should be done several days prior to the date it will be administered. Disabilities Services maintains strict confidentiality with all tests, and they are returned promptly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the student or services, please contact a counselor in the Disabilities Services office at (231) 591-3057 v/tty, or e-mail us at the address above.