Commercial Energy Audits

commercial energy audits

Benefits of Energy Audits

Energy audits provide:

  • Low cost operational adjustments that will save energy
  • Low cost maintenance recommendation that will save energy
  • Energy efficient retrofit recommendations
  • Action strategies for monetary investments
  • Recommendations for addressing comfort and code issues
  • Recommendations to better adhere to lighting and comfort standards

Types of Commercial Audits

ASHRAE Level 1 Audits include a walk-through analysis and an assessment of the utility bills. These assessments are brief because they are used to identify no or low cost improvements. The energy conservation opportunities (ECO’s) suggested at this level are typically easy to apply. Level 1 Audits may be covered under the Rebuild Michigan Grant.

ASHRAE Level 2 Audits are in depth analysis of the buildings energy use. As part of a level 2 audit a thorough examination of energy costs, energy use and building features is performed. Recommendations provided will be in focus with financial plans. Low or no cost ECO’s are suggested at this level. The emphasis will be on investigating intensive energy saving measures for recommendation.

ASHRAE Level 3 Audits are an expansion of the preceding levels with an in depth analysis, energy modeling, monitoring, and data collection. The purpose of this level is to provide strong recommendations for major monetary investments based on detailed engineering analysis.

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