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To the Employer:

  • Opportunity to select and test talented professional personnel without a permanent commitment.
  • Opportunity to preview prospective full-time employees over an extended period.
  • Opportunity to participate in the student's career preparation.
  • Combined recruiting and training at a large savings in cost.
  • Reduces temporary work overloads .


To the Student:

  • Practical application of classroom studies
  • Accumulation of professional experience in their field
  • Help in determining general and specific career opportunities
  • Development of maturity, professionalism, self-confidence and decision making skills
  • Improved prospects of career employment and higher earnings potential upon graduation
  • Earnings to help defray educational expenses
  • Develop an awareness of industrial realism


To The Faculty:

  • Establishes rapport with the business, industrial, and governmental community and the public at large
  • Enables students to gain practical experience while joining classroom theory with real world application
  • Improves student's academic performance in the classroom
  • Provides students with improved employment prospects upon graduation