Ali Siahpush

Chuck Drake

Office: JOH 418
Phone: (231) 591-2062
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  • Post Doctoral:  Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Research Title:  "Integral Solutions of Phase Change with Internal Heat Generation".
  • Doctor of Philosophy:  Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Dissertation Title:  "Performance Enhancement of Solid/Liquid Phase-Change Thermal Energy Storage Systems Through the Use of a High Conductivity Porous Metal Matrex".
  • Master of Science:  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Thesis Title:  "Solar Radiation Trapping in Multi-Layer Insulation Blankets."
  • Bachelor of Science:  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and minor in Mathematics and Physics, Utah State University, Logan Utah.


Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermohydraulics, Thermodynamics, and Strength of Material (Solid Mechanics). Instructor for Advanced Heat Transfer, Melting and Solidification, Convection Heat Transfer, Turbulence, Thermohydraulics, Conduction Heat Transfer, Advanced Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics, Dynamics, Gas Dynamics, Reliability in Engineering Design, Engineering Mathematics, and Advanced Strength of Material.


  • Associate editor for the Heat Transfer Engineering Journal,
  • Editorial Advisor for Annals of Nuclear Energy Journal
  • Chair of two ASME Committee: (1) ASME K-13 (multi-phase heat transfer), (2) ASME Sustainability in Engineering.
  • Technical reviewer for the ASME Heat Transfer Journal, ASME Thermal Engineering Journal, Solar Energy Journal, and SPA Journal.
  • Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortia (Board of Director).
  • Idaho NASA Space Grant Consortia (Board of Director).
  • Honorary Shoshone-Bannock Native American Tribe Member.


Ali Siahpush has Over 23 years of experience in nuclear industry. He has over ten years of higher education teaching experience. He has notability and recognition in the heat transfer and thermohydraulics fields. He also has extensive achievement in the fields of DOE Safety Analysis Report (SAR), and reliability in engineering design. He is the owner of five patents within the field of Systems for Delivering Liquefied Natural Gas to an Engine, and author of over thirty peer reviewed technical publications.

Ali Siahpush has several years of experience working and collaborating with NASA. He worked closely with Native American Sho-Ban Tribal High School, NASA Rock Mountain Space Grant consortia, and Utah State University to develop and design a space experiment (Mining in Space) flown on the NASA Discovery Space Shuttle (1999).