Casey Martin


Casey's Corvette

Since graduation from the Ferris AET program in 2010, I have been working for Concept and Vehicle Integration (CVI), a very specialized group inside of GM consisting of sixteen engineering technicians and a support staff of about thirty-five engineers and designers. Our department is responsible for designing, engineering, and building pre-prototype test and development vehicles. When a new vehicle is brought into concept, our group takes that concept and actually builds it as a running vehicle. The CVI group has been responsible for building the first of almost every U.S. designed GM vehicle on the market today. I personally have completed projects on the next generation Volt, Corvette, and Cadillac. I am fortunate that I work with a tremendous group of people who are both friendly and extremely talented in what they do. With a combined 300+ years of experience in the field, I consider my co-workers to be among the elite fabricators in the world.

Casey Martin
General Motors CVI Shop

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