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Employment and Educational Opportunities:

The demand for facility management graduates is high and a career in facility management offers many opportunities. The responsibilities of facility managers are varied and numerous. A facility manager may supervise numerous aspects of a company's facilities including architecture, interior design, computer systems, telecommunications, real estate acquisition, security, and more. As such, facility managers wear many professional hats and must be knowledgeable and skilled as follows: communicators, environmentalists, designers & space planners, strategic planners, financial planners, "tekkies", and team leaders (source: International Facility Management Association - IFMA). Facility Management is ideal for those who are detail-oriented, organized, and enjoy working with and managing people.

In a 2011 IFMA survey of facility management practitioners, the average facility manager earned $99,578.  Those with three years or less work experience averaged $65,000 per year.

The average starting salary for Ferris Facility Management graduates from 2008-2012 was $41,750, with a range of approximately $40,000 - $60,000.  These competitive salaries vary depending on geographic location, company size and entry-level position.  Many alumni advance quickly in their careers and achieve impressive job positions and salary promotions within three to five years after graduation.

From 2008-2012, 88% of Ferris Facility Management graduates found facility management related employment within three months of graduation (source: Ferris Institutional Testing and Research).

 A sampling of employers of Ferris Facility Management alumni include: