Tracey Boncher Ph.D.

Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
Office: PHR 309
Phone: (231) 591-2283
E-mail Address:
Lab: 231-591-7196 (212 Pharmacy)


  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences: Medicinal Chemistry, Wayne State University, 2003
  • B.S., Biology/Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1998

Courses Taught:

PHAR 311: Medical Biochemistry
PHAR 411: Drug Action 1
PHAR 412: Drug Action 2
PHAR 413: Drug Action 3
PHAR 421: Infectious Diseases I
PHAR 422: Infectious Diseases II
PHAR 466: Medicinal Chemistry Research
PHAR 453: Topics in Nutritional Biochemistry

Research Interests:

The goal of the current research in my lab is to use solid phase synthesis to enhance and expand the synthesis and purification of novel Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors (PPAR) gamma/delta dual agonists for the treatment of type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Selected Publications:

  • Modern Chemistry and Applications, 2013, “Basic Concepts of Using Solid Phase Synthesis to Build Small Organic Molecules Using 2-Chlorotrityl Chloride Resin”, Bonkowski, Blake, Wieczorek, Jason, Patel, Mimansa, Craig, Chelsea, Gravelin, Alison, and Boncher, Tracey.
  • Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2013, 23(3):873-879. “Design, development and evaluation of novel dual PPAR gamma/delta agonists”, Symon Gathiaka, Gayani Nanayakkara, Tracey Boncher, Orlando Acevedo, Johnaton Wyble, Sagar Patel, Akash Patel, Mary Elizabeth Shane, Blake Bonkowski, Jason Wieczorek, Yinghui Rong, Kevin Huggins, Forest Smith, Rajesh H. Amin.
  • US Pharmacist, May 2012, 37(5): 39-42. “The Pharmacists role in Managing Pain Associated with Ocular Trauma”, Dinardo, A. and Boncher, T.
  • Essays in Biochemistry, The polyamines: Small Molecules in the Omics Era, Senanayake, T., Amunugama, H., Boncher, T.D., Casero, R.A., Woster, P.M., 26:77-94 2009
  • Essays in Biochemistry, 2009, 46:77-94. “Design of Polyamine-based Therapeutic Agents: New Targets and New Directions”, M.D. Thulani Senanayake, Hemali Amungama, Tracey D. Boncher, Robert A. Casero, and Patrick M. Woster.
  • Biochem Soc Trans, 2007, 35 (pt2) 356-63. “Polyamine-based Analogues as Biochemical Probes & Potential Therapeutics”, Boncher, T., Bi,X., Varghese, S., Casero, RA, Woster P.M.
  • Polyamines useful as anti-parasitic and anti-cancer therapeutics and as lysine specific demethylase inhibitors,Pub.No:US 2007/0208082 A1, Boncher, T., Woster, P.M., Casero R.
  • Polyamines useful as anti-parasitic and anti-cancer therapeutics and as lysine-specific demethylase inhibitors, 2005, US Patent WO/2007/02/839,PCTIUS2006/03/98. Woster, P.M., Ward, T.D., Casero, Jr R.A.
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