International Exchange Program - FAQs

What financial support will the College of Pharmacy provide should I be selected to participate in the program?

The College will provide a stipend to offset the costs of one round-trip to and from the practice site which also covers the costs of ground transportation. Transportation costs exceeding the stipend maximum are the responsibility of the student.  Travel arrangements will be made by the student. No support for housing or daily transportation costs will be provided.

During what months will the APPE be scheduled?

It is expected that students assigned to either the Bath or Angers site will be scheduled during the months of March and April, which spans blocks G and H.  This elective rotation will be the last APPE in the student's schedule so that students may graduate on time with classmates.  Since the rotation covers two APPE blocks, the selected student will have only 1 block off during the course of the fourth professional year.  Once students are selected, adjustments to their schedule will be handled on an individual basis with the Experiential Coordinator.  Changes and alternate APPE's will be based on availability.  There are no guarantees that changes made will be within first choice zones or preceptors.

What will the international rotation "count for" with regard to the APPE requirements?

The international rotation will count as one elective APPE. Students are required to complete their remaining standard APPEs.

Will any required APPEs be excused if selected for the international studies?

No, the required APPEs (Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Medicine, Institutional Practice and Community Practice) all must be completed under the close supervision of the College of Pharmacy. Therefore, students will be assigned to a conventional site for the required APPEs.

What will the international APPE consist of?

The College has discussed the content of the APPE experience with the sites; many of the specific experiences are determined by the on-site coordinator. It is expected that approximately eight weeks of rotation will be completed.

What criteria will be used to determine who will be selected for the international APPEs?

Completion of the application will provide the College with a baseline of information regarding each of the candidates and their interest in the program. Additionally, an interview will be conducted by the College of the top ranked candidates. Each candidate must demonstrate a solid academic record and a genuine interest in the practice of pharmacy in the selected country. It will be critical that the candidate demonstrate appropriate financial resources for the extended APPE. All candidates must have a valid Passport or be able to demonstrate that application has been made at the time of the interview.

When will students be notified if they are selected?

Notification will be provided to the students by the end of April. Any necessary alterations in the APPE schedule developed before that date will be made by the Experiential Coordinator.

Are there learning objectives for the international APPE? Do students follow the learning objectives of the host site?

The College has an International Studies APPE course description. It contains the goals and objectives for the experience. A grade will be developed by the host preceptor in consultation with the Experiential Coordinator or appropriate College Administrator(s).