Grand Rapids (GRX) P3 Site
Inclement Weather Policy


If FSU-GR is closed or delayed for weather related events, then GRx courses are canceled or delayed, respectively.  Details regarding closings or delays will be posted on PHAR 4-1-1 as well as the GRX weather line (listed below).  Announcements will also be made on local radio, TV and the Internet regarding FSU-GR closings.


  • FSU - Big Rapids closings or delays are separate and do not pertain to the GRX site.

  • P-4 APPE students should check with preceptors regarding specific site cancellation policies.


How to find out about Class Cancellations:

  • PHAR 4-1-1 P3 Discussion Board Posting
  • GRX Weather Line:  (616) 643-1121