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NTER 2014
works as an intern at a Meijer pharmacy. “Since I started, my
experience has been nothing short of that.”
The camaraderie among her peers and the professionalism
of hospital staff has provided a positive learning environment,
she said.
“Every pharmacist I have worked with has shown a genuine
interest in my education that has resulted in not only a valuable
experience, but an inspirational one as well,” said Kearney, who
credits Van Loo with the program’s patient-centered learning
focus. “He has a wealth of knowledge and knows just how to
relay it to us so that we gain a lot from each conversation. As a
preceptor and a role model, he pushes us to continuously try to
achieve more.”
Van Loo, who has an extensive history of leadership within
local and state pharmacy associations, previously was a staff
pharmacist, clinical coordinator and residency director at
Bronson before accepting a full-time faculty position to focus
solely on teaching.
“I have a heart for service, and I wanted the challenge to grow
as a practitioner,” said Van Loo, who also serves as adviser
to the American Society of Health Systems registered student
organization at Ferris and teaches in the infectious disease
course in the second year of the professional curriculum.
When he accepts students into the DIRECT program, he’s not
just looking at their GPAs.
“They have to be able to handle the academics, but they also
have to have an attitude of service,” Van Loo said. “They are
serving the patient and the community.”
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