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“We used multi-purpose health workers who are on the front
lines of health care in rural areas — people who might be
equivalent to an RN in the United States,” Robertson said. “We
wanted to test how good they were at making a simple diagnosis
compared to a physician. Without the software, they made the
same diagnosis 54 percent of the time. With it, they were 82
percent. The physicians were 87 percent in agreement.
“It shows the significance of using artificial intelligence in
software to improve care.”
A 2010 trial conducted in Siaya, Kenya to validate the mobile
platform’s success was met with rave results from health care
workers trained to use the system. Feedback from one health
worker: “If we have the knowledge, we have the power.”
“Our goal isn’t how much money we can make, it’s how many
people we can serve,” said Robertson, whose Grand Rapids-
based company has affiliates in 80 countries, from Central
America to China to Australia. “This isn’t an ‘interest’ for me;
it’s my personal passion.
“There are too many preventable deaths. Every human life has
the same value. ”
Robertson visits South Africa about six times a year, usually
accompanied by his wife, Vickie, or one of his three daughters
who work for his company in varying roles: Nicole is a
registered nurse; Heidi is an international trainer for Robertson
Wellness; Brooke is a registered nurse and director of content
management. He’s been to India a dozen times in the past
five years and to the Middle East about six times in the same
amount of time.
“They are always so appreciative; it is hard to describe,” he
said. “Coming from America, we have so much. The best
way to balance excesses in life is through service. That’s our
family motto.”
Robertson believes a global diagnostic and database system has
“amazing” potential to save millions of lives.
“I find that what I do is something that I love,” Robertson said.
“I enjoy it and hope to someday make a difference.”
Robertson is an internationally known expert on brain
chemistry and a widely recognized clinician, bestselling
author and in-demand lecturer. The 1974 College of Pharmacy
graduate (BS) said his Ferris education prepared him “to
interact, develop, discuss and perform at the level that was
asked of me through the years.”
He was honored by Ferris at its May 2013 commencement
ceremonies with an Honorary Doctorate of Health Services
for his effort to enhance lives and advance the knowledge of
health care professionals, and for his passion for the university
and higher education.
Robertson earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the
University of Michigan and completed postgraduate studies in
chemical dependency and family system therapies at Harvard
Robertson created brain chemistry optimization programs used
by consumers, professional athletic programs and corporations
worldwide, and worked with the U.S. Department of Defense
to develop national treatment protocols for behavioral
emergencies and for cardiovascular emergencies for emergency
medical services.
He is a featured speaker at numerous American Medical
Association and other professionally sponsored conferences.
More than 500,000 people have attended Robertson’s
presentations in 80 countries.
He is the author of eight books and multiple self-help audio
series and television shows. His research assumptions have been
published in such journals as the
New England Journal of Medicine
and the
Journal of the American Medical Association
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