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Dr. Joel Robertson
wants to change world medicine.
The 1974 College of Pharmacy alumnus is dedicated to
improving quality of life by providing health information
technology. He is the driving force behind medical software
that helps health care workers and physicians diagnose and treat
patients anywhere in the world.
“My vision is of a truly global medical solution — one that
would save lives worldwide through faster, more accurate
diagnosis,” said Robertson, who founded and oversees the
Robertson Health network of for-profit and non-profit
One of those organizations — Robertson Global Health
Solutions — developed the RHealthAdvisor medical software
nominated by Microsoft for a ComputerWorld Honor in
medicine. It was one of five finalists in the program that
recognizes technology that benefits society.
The “amazingly smart” and low-cost web and cell phone
software provides pre-screening and treatment advice,
educational health tips and a reference guide of diseases,
symptoms, labs and tests. It also includes an electronic health
record customized by age, gender and geography, and is
regionalized and language-specific. Unique to the software is
its ability to offer suggestions to help diagnose a disease using
artificial intelligence.
“For example, if you entered that your patient was a 22-year-
old female, living in Andhra Pradesh, India, in the month of
June and was having a cough, the software would ‘know’ what
diseases are most prevalent in that gender, in that location and
at that time of the year, and begin to suggest questions to ask
or procedures to run in order to reach a confident diagnosis,”
Robertson said. “Once the diagnosis was made, treatment
recommendations and/or referral, based upon the user’s skill
set, would be offered.”
A 2008 study by Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in
Hyderabad, India, to determine diagnostic accuracy results
showed RHealth Advisor was almost equal to a physician in
making diagnoses for these types of conditions.
Robertson’s Efforts Empower Caregivers Worldwide
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