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John Jameson
He is
: A professor of Pharmacy Practice, Jameson is a preceptor
for P4 students’ ambulatory care rotation at Grand Rapids
Family Practice Residency at Mercy Health St. Mary’s in
Grand Rapids.
The mission
: Medical service
: Zacapa, Guatemala
It was a student who taught John Jameson about the power of
service opportunities in Guatemala.
Sean Loftus was a sophomore PharmD student when he
spent spring break on a mission trip to Jamaica with Christian
Pharmacy Fellowship. His group joined Waynesburg, Pa.-based
Hands and Feet Ministries, whose leader invited Loftus to
gather a group for a week-long May 2012 trip to Hope of Life
International, a humanitarian organization in Guatemala.
He recruited 25 people from the Grand Rapids area that
included a dozen Ferris Pharmacy students and Jameson.
“We fell in love with the ministry and the people there,”
Loftus said.
That led to a May 2013 trip of 31 Michiganders, including
18 students and Jameson.
“We all came back different people than when we went,”
Jameson said. “When you meet people who are eking out an
existence, it goes to your core level.
“I know there is a debate over the value of short-term missions,
but I believe there is great value to both the people who are
helped and those who go to serve, especially when teaming up
with an existing, long-term ministry.”
Hope of Life was started by Carlos Vargas, who returned to
his native land in 1988 to help improve the quality of life for
residents living in poverty-stricken communities. What began
as a small mission has grown into an organization that offers
medical, food and housing programs, humanitarian aid efforts
and rescue missions.
“This is an astounding organization,” Jameson said of Hope
of Life, which is based on a 3,000-acre campus in Zacapa that
houses an orphanage, senior living center, special needs facility,
schools, vegetable gardens, tilapia and poultry farms, and a six-
story hospital that is scheduled to open this year.
The team’s Pharmacy students spent four days serving in
mobile medical clinics, which included determining needed
John Jameson
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