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Admissions Tara Lee  
Adjunct Faculty/Preceptors Terry Wiese  
Affiliation Agreements Mandy Seiferlein  
Alumni Andrea Ruggles  
Billing/Financial Aid Financial Aid Office


Counseling On-Campus:
Birkam Health Center


Off-Campus: Margaret Lyons  
Continuing Education Andrea Ruggles  
Criminal Background Checks Mandy Seiferlein  
Drug Testing Mandy Seiferlein  
Experiential – P1 Community IPPE Lisa Meny  
Experiential – Longitudinal Patient P2    
Experiential – P2 Institutional IPPE Rose Baran  

Experiential – P4

Community APPE

Institutional APPE

Cambria DeHoag

Lisa Meny

Rose Baran



Experiential – Arranging sites outside of FSU Network Mandy Seiferlein  
Experiential – E*Value Terry Wiese  
Faculty Development Kari Vavra  
Graduation/Commencement Tara Lee  
Immunizations Mandy Seiferlein  
Intern Licensing Tara Lee  
Licensure Application MI State Board of Pharmacy 517-335-0918 ext 11*
Medical & Drug Information Center Allison Berknopf  
Mentoring Program Margaret Lyons  
NAPLEX/MPJE Exams NABP 847-391-4406
Off-Campus Site Visit Margaret Lyons  
Pharmacy 4-1-1 Margaret Lyons  
Pharmacy Education Development and Lecture Series (PEDALS) Kali VanLangen  
Preceptor Licensing Terry Wiese  
Recruiters FSU Career Services 231-591-2685
Registration – P1 Tara Lee  
Registration – P2 Tara Lee  
Registration – P3 Terry Wiese  
Registration – P4 Terry Wiese  
Student Advisory Board Grand Rapids Margaret Lyons  
Student Services - Grand Rapids Margaret Lyons  
Weather Line (Grand Rapids Site) 616-643-1121

Student Organization Advisors

  Faculty Advisors
ACCP Dr. Allison Bernknopf and Dr. Teresa Bailey
AMCP Dr. Greg Wellman and Dr. Sarah Raguckas 
ASHP Dr. Steve Lee and Dr. Kari Vavra   
ASP Dr. Jeff Bates and Dr. Peggy deVoest
NCPA Dr. Lisa Meny

Still Not Sure Who to Contact?

Location Contact Phone Fax Email
Big Rapids – Dean’s Office Tara Lee 231-591-3780 231-591-3829
Big Rapids – Pharmaceutical Sciences Melissa Saunders 231-591-2227
Grand Rapids – Pharmacy Practice Emily Jorgensen 616-643-1101 616-643-1101